Cybersecurity Management

Cybersecurity Management

The root of most cybersecurity exploits can be traced to poor or nonexistent cybersecurity management processes and procedures. Let us help you understand how cybersecurity can be integrated into your organization’s culture, rather than viewed as a roadblock to innovation, a barrier to sales and/or an impediment to time-to-market.

Business Process Analysis
Excentium works with stakeholders within your organization to understand the methods and processes associated with software and system development. We identify how requirements are established, designs are born, and how development and testing are performed that result in final product delivery.

We  help you understand where cybersecurity should be considered, and guide you to integrate those elements into your existing processes, to help ensure a more secure and compliant end product for your customers.

Business Process Improvement
Excentium can take our analysis and turn it into an executable plan for improvement. We will work as an integrated team within your organization to implement and modify policies and processes as appropriate, to support the ultimate goals of the organization.

Cybersecurity Management
Let Excentium be your outsourced cybersecurity team. Specialized to meet your Federal security compliance requirements, our Federal Information Security Team (FIST) employs trained experts and technologies to ensure you’re addressing the cybersecurity needs of your organization and customers, while freeing up existing resources.