Vulnerability Assessments and Security Hardening

Vulnerability Assessments and Security Hardening

Vulnerability Assessments
Vulnerabilities that may exist across your systems and applications can make it easy for cyber attackers to gain access to and exploit your environment. Excentium CSEs can perform a comprehensive technical security assessment of your system, to provide a baseline understanding of current compliance gaps and potential vulnerabilities in your security posture that require remediation.

Our CSE’s use a variety of tools to evaluate the security configuration of your operating systems, databases, web servers/services, and installed applications. Using Excentium’s proprietary On-Demand Vulnerability Evaluation Reporting Tool (OVERT™), we deliver comprehensive analyses that identify all vulnerabilities we uncover during testing. This information is then used to determine the Level of Effort (LoE) associated with bringing your system to a level of risk acceptable to the Federal government. Then we provide you with compliance security guidelines and best practices for protection.

Security Hardening
Consistent, persistent IT security hardening is your enterprise’s most valuable security control. Excentium facilitates the delivery of application and system architecture that are fully compliant with DIARMF, FISMA, HIPAA, DSS-PCI,  ISO 27002 security and cybersecurity requirements. Our system engineers operate with strict adherence to your documentation and security requirements to ensure a successful outcome in a timely manner.

Advanced Installation, Configuration and Hardening
We provide installation, configuration and security hardening of all your virtual resources, including AD/DNS, SMTP management and System Center; then build and configure your network equipment, servers and other components including firewalls, switches, and SSL Appliance and log aggregation.

Our engineers also perform equipment testing for connectivity and traffic filtering specific to your environment, and coordinate the installation of custom applications and configurations.

Baseline Security Testing
The Excentium Federal Information Security Team (FIST) will coordinate a baseline security assessment of your environment to ensure all hardening activities are performed in accordance of plan prior to installation of custom application.